8 DAYS DRIVING                10 DAYS IN SPAIN

From the highest mountains of the Iberian Península to the great plains and from lush evergreen and deciduous forests to a semi-arid desert. Andalusia has a great variety of natural landscapes very different from each other and on this trip you will get to know them all.

You will experience 1,700 kilometers of asphalt, diverse landscapes, aquamarine lakes, night skies full of brilliant stars, colours, smells, flavours and a million other sensations along this challenging motorcycle route through Andalusia.

This motorcycle tour, through Spain’s most southerly autonimous region famous for its Moorish architecture and rich culture, is a mix between exploring new places, enjoying an adventure holiday and being in touch with nature. That’s why the trip includes 3 adventure activities: rafting (1), trekking and horse riding.

The group has a GPS with the marked route and has the comfort and security of an assistance vehicle during the entire motorcycle route, in order to provide support, information and take the lead only when necessary. Only then you will feel the freedom to discover this territory for yourself.

At the end of the day you will have a pleasant place to laugh with the group, share the best moments of the route and relax. The hotels and restaurants chosen offer a high quality service and preserve the traditional and environmental surroundings of the area.

Are you looking to travel by motorcycle or take an adventure trip? If you are looking for both, this is your chance. 


Arrival day in Malaga

You can relax at the hotel until everybody is there or to visit Malaga, a beautiful city by the sea full of historical charm, culture, world class art galleries, fantastic restaurants and shops, and roof top bars with wonderful views of the city. In the afternoon we will give a safety talk and more details about the magnificent trip that awaits you.

Stage 1. Málaga – La Alpujarra

The first stage begins next to the Mediterranean Sea that allows you to have the first sensations with the bike. Brakes, clutch, acceleration … but do not settle too much, because we take a detour that leads to the grey, steep mountains which seem to be watching you as you climb a road of countless curves.

Tour facts

96% on-road – 4% off-road
Total distance: 1,708km – 1,061mi
Average distance: 214km/day – 133mi/day
Total time driving: 32 hours
Days driving: 8
Days in Spain: 10

At last you will see the objective of the first day, Sierra Nevada. However this does not mean that the day is over, we still have to go down the rapids by river rafting (1). It is pure adrenaline! In a few kilometers we arrive at Pampaneira, one of the typical villages of La Alpujarra with its flat roofs and chimneys with hats. 

Stage 2. La Alpujarra – Baza

Here, the fresh morning air and the smell of the chimneys always makes the day start well. In the second stage we continue through the Alpujarra and cross the imposing Sierra Nevada by a peaceful route that takes us to a magical place. Of all the castles you will see, none will impress you as much as the castle of La Calahorra.

The active tourism activities are suitable for all kinds of people and are guided by specialized monitors to ensure the maximum safety conditions.

The tour includes

8 day driving lunches

All dinners (except the nights in Malaga)

There is something fascinating about this place. Perhaps it is its copper colour and its 4 round towers, or it may be the sound of the rooks that circle the imposing castle which is located at the top of a hill where without trees and cultivated lands, it gives the impression of being the guardian of the Sierra Nevada. Just looking at it makes you realize that the real journey lies also in these moments and not just the road.

9 nights hotel with breakfast included (from the day of arrival to Malaga until the day of return)

Independent room(2)

On our way to Baza we pass the most impressive road of the whole trip. Curves and more curves like on the Alpine roads of Switzerland, with a surprising scenery of contrasting colours between the dark stone and the yellow of the bushes. After an intense 300 kilometers we arrive at the “cave houses” typical of the area and inherited from our Arabic past.

3 adventure activities

Compulsory circulation insurance

Travel or accident insurance

Stage 3. Baza – Cazorla

From Baza we head north to the the altiplano, large, arid plains located about 1,000 meters above sea level. With long straights of up to 7 kilometers that are lost on the horizon, the only way to know where the end is to observe the distance of the far away mountains.

Tour does not include

Flights and trains

Fuel costs

Lunch and dinner in Malaga.

Personal expenses

Travel cancellation insurance

Equipment. For convenience to you, you must bring your own specific motorcycle equipment, ie helmet,

However when we enter the Natural Park of Cazorla everything changes completely. Lush Mediterranean forests and abundant water from fountains, rivers and lakes will accompany us for two days. A smooth curving road makes you feel like you’re flying through the trees as you climb to the top of the mountain with your bike. From the top, the feeling of calm and freedom is wonderful.

jacket, trousers, gloves, boots and raincoat, even protections if you have them. Jackets and helmets can be rented but we do not recommend it.

Stage 4. Trekking in Cazorla

Day of rest? Not quite. When you cannot go any further with the bike you must get off it, take a backpack with provisions and continue on foot to enter the nature.

The route along the Borosa river is impressive. Lakes, waterfalls, tunnels, wild animals and forests form this magnificent place dominated by the green of the trees and sometimes the white of snow.


(1)In September and October you can not do rafting because the river does not have enough water. In its place another sport of adventure is practiced.

(2)Couples always have a separate double room. Individual guests usually have a separate room but are subject to hotel availability.

We spend most of the day there so the next hotel is not far, giving us time to rest and relax because the next day will be a very demanding day. That night, while you sleep, you will only be able to dream about what awaits you the following day.

Stage 5. Cazorla – An unusual place

We set off early because today is a very special day and the journey to the desert is long. So there will be no breaks until we reach it. While we say goodbye to Cazorla next to a small waterfall surrounded by vegetation, the desert is already visible in the distance, and in only 7 kilometers the contrast of the landscape is so dramatic that it takes a while for your eyes to take in what they are seeing. There are not many places in the world where you can experience something so amazing. Once inside, the beauty of the landscape is extraordinary. Rain and wind have eroded these badlands into canyons of strange shapes and colors; Red, blue, white, grey, green … At dusk the red intensifies even more and silence floods the valleys of this magnificent desert. It’s the best time of day … …

Abandoned houses built inside the land reveal the way of life of the past when people lived here. At present it can go up to 5 consecutive months without rain so due to this scarcity the locals live in small oases near the water. And in addition to all of this there are more secrets to learn about the history and nature of this place. Some will not believe them …

Stage 6. An unusual place – Ronda

Today is longest stage of the journey. 324km of asphalt to enjoy the bike at 100%. Little by little we leave behind the red lands. After a stretch of, it has to be said, rather uninspiring motorway we take a road that runs through the typical Andalusian fields of open spaces with oaks and cork oaks, where white farmhouses glow in the sunlight between large tracts of cereals and olive trees. The road is exceptional for motorbikes.

During most of the time there is little traffic, good visibility to attack the curves and straights to accelerate and feel the power of the bike between your legs. Suddenly the road takes an unexpected turn, almost as if it wants to show you something.

At first glance the limestone mountain does not appear to be anything special, however nature again is full of surprises and gives us a unique setting, El Torcal. This place is a natural labyrinth of streets, walls and towers with ghostly shapes impossible to describe with words.

When the spell of the place lets us go we continue towards Ronda surrounded by wheat fields which can be yellow or green according to the time of the year. Always a nice way to end the day.

Stage 7. Ronda – Grazalema – Ronda

Today is a day of extremes. In less than 14km we´ll pass from a height of 353 meters to 1,357. The road is narrow with strong rises, plunging descents and curves of up to 180º. The road is so provocative that the motorbike seems to enjoy.

In this natural park there are a wide variety of wild animals such as the griffon vulture and the deer. A route on horses takes us through a beautiful place to try to see them in their natural habitat.

We spend the afternoon in Ronda, the place where I was born, a small town separated by a canyon and linked by a large stone bridge that is the symbol of the town, El Tajo. On top of the motorbike you will feel strong and powerful as a medieval knight on his horse conquering the city while passing by its walls, its cobblestone streets and its churches… but its history and charm will conquer you.

Stage 8. Ronda – Málaga

On the last day of our journey we do not take a direct route, there are still many kilometers to go before reaching our destination, Málaga.
The famous white villages route passes by the Genal valley. These small white villages highlight the difference between the brown and yellow colours in autumn or the intense green in spring. The roads are spectacular and therefore so many riders come here every weekend. These villages are the soul of Andalusia with their narrow white streets, flowers hanging on their windows and the numerous sources of fresh water. The local people look at you uneasily: you are an outsider and they don´t usually see new faces every day! At the beginning they may not trust you, but spend one minute talking to them and they seem like life-long friends. These people are a great part of the charm of the place.
The final leg of the journey is where you will discover your fondness for the adventure bike. At first it seems kind and uncomplicated, but a right turn takes us to a path which becomes narrow, curved and terribly challenging along the great cliff that is at the edge of the road. It is the most technical part of all and in which you will have to apply your skills on the bike. 

Day back home

Someone once said that Andalusia is a small continent with the best of each of the continents of the planet. I hope you have the same feeling when you return home.